Supplying sand and aggregates to the construction industry

Cumbria sand, cement and aggregate provider

Esk Quarry is an independant sand quarry in Faugh and Cumbria sand supplier. Predominently we supply local construction companies and cement producers with various sand types and aggregates.
Esk Sand Quarry – Faugh, Cumbria offer a range of sand types and aggregates for Construction and Agriculture across Cumbria, the North East and South West Scotland. We also provide concrete, an inert waste facility and construction services.
Collection or delivery is available. For large quantities of sand, haulage is available. Call 07747 897166.


Extracted from our own quarry with a screening process to produce different grades
All types of sand
Each grade of sand is suitable for different purposes. Building sand, cohesive fill and cement sand are regularly sold for collection and delivery from Esk Quarry. In addition, we use sand in the concrete making process


From our beginnings as a sand quarry we’ve have expanded our range of building materials.
Aggregates delivered to your door
We’ve added stone and aggregates to our service; delivered in our same fleet of grab wagons


Whatever your construction project, you’re likely to need concrete somewhere in the process
Do you need concrete for your building project?
Want to make a durable concrete floor that will last for years to come? Or even make some garden decorations?.